Meat is dead, let’s eat plants!

The quest for healthy and sustainable food is ongoing, and will not stop any time soon. One of the solutions lies in replacing meat by plant-based food products. There are many plant-based alternatives and research projects that focus on this so-called protein transition. Based on pulses, insects, side-streams or on other sources, apart from the technological challenges there always are two important consumer issues. These are the sensory quality of the new products, and the acceptance by consumers and society at large of innovations in food technologies and the new food products. In this presentation we will present some of our recent projects in this area.

Garmt Dijksterhuis

Expertise leader Consumer Science | Wageningen Food and Biobased Research

Garmt obtained a PhD in applied statistics for sensory and consumer science. He has written some 150 publications in sensory and consumer science, co-founded the Sensometric society and worked in academia and the food industry. He has been honorary professor at the University of Copenhagen at the section Food Design and Consumer Science. He is currently expertise leader/senior scientist in Consumer Understanding at Food and Biobased Research, WUR.

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