About the MOA Expert Group Sensory Research

The Expert Group Sensory Research is a platform for debate for and about sensory/consumer research. Its goal is to safeguard quality and encourage the exchange of knowledge and good training within this discipline and the professional domain. The symposium is fully in English and it’s ultimate goal is to find the best match between the latest scientific insights on sensory, consumer and business demands.

Every 3 years a Sensory Symposium is organized by MOA Expert Group Sensory Research.

View the history of successful symposiums:
1. 2002 – Proeven van Succes, Bussum,
2. 2005 – Wat is goed onderzoek?, Bussum
3. 2009 – Dynamiek in Sensoriek, Bussum
4. 2012 – Zout, Bussum
5. 2015 – Tickle your senses, Utrecht
6. 2018 – Smarter faster stronger, Danone Utrecht

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