It isn’t just what you do, it is how you do it

Time session: 13.25 - 14.25

Who's the speaker?

  • Name
    Hannelize van Zyl
  • Company
  • Job title
    Senior Scientist: Sensory and Product

Hannelize is a Senior Scientist: Sensory and Product at Heineken Global Innovation and Research.  She works in cross-functional groups with other scientists, Product Development, Quality departments, Sensory Evaluation, CMI and Marketing departments.  This includes translating consumer and sensory research into business language and recommendations.  She is responsible for a research platform where topics that benefit several departments are explored.  Her responsibilities include rolling out sensory concepts to marketing departments - something that requires a very different approach to communication but is an enormous amount of fun.

It isn’t just what you do, it is how you do it

At the Pangborn symposium in 2015, Chris van Dongen asked how what you do as sensory scientist changes what the business does.  At the same meeting Anne Goldman stated that sensory science has not yet reached its potential.  This talk will discuss our role as sensory scientists in achieving change in business and getting closer to reaching our potential.

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