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Better, smarter, faster: Three implicit consumer measures validated

Time session: 15.55 - 16.30

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  • Name
    Harold Bult
  • Company
  • Job title
    Scientific director

Harold’s primary scientific interest lies in unravelling the mechanisms of human information processing. How do sensory impressions, experience, cognition and context like metabolic state interact and drive choice behaviour? After his MSc Experimental Psychology and his PhD on the perception of food odours, Harold researched food perception and preference at academia, contract research institutes and his company Applegg.

Better, smarter, faster: Three implicit consumer measures validated

Consumer insight starts with an inquiry. For instance, preference ratings predict the success of new products. However, predictions still fail in spite of favourable test outcomes. A promising alternative are implicit measures like brain responses, responses of hands and facial muscles or fast associative choice behaviour. If these predict market share, and can be used for large populations in little time, implicit measures would rightfully be “Better, smarter, and faster”. Validations of three measures are presented.

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